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Bronner Brothers 2012

OMG…OMG is all I can say. We had such a great time. Last year when I began this venture I found an African American who owns a store and she advised me to go to the trade shows to purchase hair and setup accounts. So as soon as I heard the dates for the show in Atlanta I purchased tickets and booked my hotel. I drove down with my sister in-law she is not in the business but happy to accompany me. There was plenty to see all types of hairstyles and loud colors. There were product demonstrations, hair shows and just something going on where ever you looked. This was my first time so with so many vendors and manufacturers I did not participate in the seminars…honestly I forgot all about them once I started watching the XQ hair competitions. During the intermissions I would venture into the vendor area to review products and make connections. The only down side about the show was…..pause….can’t think of anything. The downside would be I was a newbie and didn’t know the ropes…but next year I will definitely have a plan now that I know what to expect.


Not Natural?

This blog will record my steps to starting my business. Wow where do I start or stop. There is so much to do and so many ideas. Guess I’ll start with what I won’t do. Multilevel marketing. I’ve been approached by so many multilevel marketing opportunities. A new one seems to pop up every day. Some I must admit were very tempting and others well let’s just say the writing was on the wall. So definitely not that. What really has my attention right now is my HAIR. I love it. If you can’t tell by the name of my blog…..I’m Natural. I’ve been natural for almost four years, although it was not planned I’ve enjoyed my journey. Why did I go natural….laziness. Plain and simple. I decided I was tired of all the shed hair everywhere and I didn’t want to style my hair daily. So I had it braided up and wore a wig. When I was ready to start maintaining it again I woke early one Saturday morning and really took a look at it’s state and saw a mess. It was matted and I couldn’t tell where one braid began or end. WOW….how did I get here? The convenience of the wig and rush rush of the day. Time had slipped by in a flash and my hair was locked. I was crushed. What was I going to do? I loved my hair. I spent that weekend trying to gingerly unravel it. By Monday morning I still had not made much progress and called in sick. I was fortunate to find a in home salon open and the lady said she could help me. Well she ended up cutting most of my hair off and while in her chair I made the decision to not perm it again. I thought being natural would be less maintenance. The stylist was a mature Christian woman we related on many social and biblical topics, I thought she was from the old school not like many of the new stylist who know how to style but not maintain hair. So once she finished cutting I told her my decision and she suggested a texturizer. Not knowing what that was and confident she understood my plans to go natural I agreed.  The aroma should have been my first hint, the cold rods should have slapped me in the face….this lady is giving me a curl!!! I think I knew deep down but just didn’t know what else to do with my hair. At that time I hadn’t seen all the fotkis and natural hair journeys. This was me going natural….I, was natural until I went to a real natural hair salon for a consultation and the girl told me she had to cut all my hair off……..cause it was permed. HUH? I remember telling her I haven’t had a perm in 6 months. Well I left her salon upset, I was starting to get some length back, no way was I getting it cut again. It became my mission to grow and maintain my hair back to its original length. Nappturality was the first forum I found and joined followed by Motown girl and KISS – keep it simple sista. I have since found a joined many others but these have been staples. Oh I have to give a shout out to Naturalhaven she brings the science. So that’s my story….how I got here. Why did you decide to go natural?

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