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Bronner Brothers 2012

OMG…OMG is all I can say. We had such a great time. Last year when I began this venture I found an African American who owns a store and she advised me to go to the trade shows to purchase hair and setup accounts. So as soon as I heard the dates for the show in Atlanta I purchased tickets and booked my hotel. I drove down with my sister in-law she is not in the business but happy to accompany me. There was plenty to see all types of hairstyles and loud colors. There were product demonstrations, hair shows and just something going on where ever you looked. This was my first time so with so many vendors and manufacturers I did not participate in the seminars…honestly I forgot all about them once I started watching the XQ hair competitions. During the intermissions I would venture into the vendor area to review products and make connections. The only down side about the show was…..pause….can’t think of anything. The downside would be I was a newbie and didn’t know the ropes…but next year I will definitely have a plan now that I know what to expect.


This blog will record my steps to starting my business. Wow where do I start or stop. There is so much to do and so many ideas. Guess I’ll start with what I won’t do. Multilevel marketing. I’ve been approached by so many multilevel marketing opportunities. A new one seems to pop up every day. […]

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